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Reviews for "Newgrounds RPG Demo"

very nice

Really nice game,thus far.Keep up the good work and im sure this game'll rule in the end.

Very good for a demo

There are glitches. Like the one where the battle doesn't end. I hope it will be fixed when the full version comes out. And the walking speed is a little slow. I suggest that you should let us customize our characters, as in with stats, appearance(choose between clock/madness/stick/etc)
Looking forward to the finished product.

great but...

That game was great, but afetr the first enemy fight, it actually didn't end. it was a fight with a Madness Zombie. After I killed him, his ehalth bar just stayed up top and he disappeared, but it wouldnt let me out of the fight.

Nice nice

THis is going to be supa game. I am sure of it.
And i hope there will be clocks in it cuz i love those guys.

plz help me

how do i get pass the forest to the city???