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Reviews for "Newgrounds RPG Demo"

Newgrounds RPG Demo: Review

Gotta Do This Fast And Good-Lookin. Great Game, Liked the idea, i mean, theres hardly any game about NewGrounds, theres movies,trailers,https but i havent seen any game, Though Its a Good Idea it has something that the final Product Cannot Aford To Lack.
-Walking in this game is frustrating.
-The Cinematics Takes To Long.
-The Battles are nice, if is wasent for the fact that of u run out of the screen nothing happens.

Awsome! Great game design.

I just have a few suggestions for the final version:

1)This guy has to walk a little faster. I can see large dungeons getting real annoying real quick. Maybe a button should toggle run mode on and off.

2)You should be able to attack and defend while ducking, otherwise ducking is pretty useless.

3)You should be able to attack while jumping straight up. I was able to pull off a run jump attack, but not one from a straight up jump.

thats about all I can think of. all in all this is great physics for a great game. I like the little maze and hidden road to the right of the forrest. I definitly want to see the final product!

Make the guy move faster!!!!

I liked this game, but *please* make the guy walk faster! Keep up the good work.


Great potential, but...

The framerate, UGH! It may just be my computer but this game ran like shit. Otherwise it's a great demo, maybe we could have a create-a-character in the full. It's just a demo, I know, but I don't want the full game to be shit.

Really nice, one suggestion

Have the guy move faster in the finished version