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Reviews for "Newgrounds RPG Demo"

This could have been good

I remember this when it first came out. It showed a lot of promise. I had nearly forgotten about it, but not quite. I decided to check up on it. It's obvious that this is most likely dead. The demo is good. There's enough to keep you occupied for a little while.The music is pleasant, and non-distracting. The loop is smooth, and I didn't mind it running in the background. This is not always the case. Still, some might prefer a way to turn it off.

Today's technology could allow for this game to be even better, if someone decided to develop it again. I think file-size is a lot less of a concern. I suspect that a lot of the newergrounders might not understand the significace of the factions represented here. Stick animation isn't as big as it was. Clock animation rarely makes it to the front page, unless it's clock day. Who's Knox? Do video submissions count as flash? That belongs on YouTube.

It would be cool if this project was revived. At the very least, it would be a good trip down memory lane. The required random battles got a little old after a while, but at least combat wasn't too difficult. This would also have potential as a multiplayer game as well. Oh well. Newgrounds submissions seem to be getting better in general. Certain types seem to be getting worse, though.

cool rpg

can't wait until full version comes out

great game

but i will give it a nine cause its a DEMO

great demo

when will the full version come out


Can someone please tell me if this is dead or not? Other then that the game was fun