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Reviews for "Newgrounds RPG Demo"


This is great so far!! I hope you make it for real!! Awesome job!


Well im putting this in a review cos i cant believe people are still posting on this and i cant remember the team account p/w!!

This is the first time ive visited Newgrounds in, oooh say, 3 years! Guys its over, we did this demo and we all lost contact nearly immediately. Only 3 of us were gonna make something, but again we drifted apart and nothing ever came of it.

thewaste did give me a new version of the engine that i could build levels with and make some sort of game from, but it has no combat engine or graphics. So it would basically suck/take me an age to build.

Oh and lol at the guys who still cant get through the forest. You CAN get to the city and there is a "finish".


when you gonna finish it?

when wll you ever finish it? its 2009 nine now its not still 2004 but you also have a big team of guys so what now you gonna do just sit and get ideas? you can just update your game with those ideas i rated 10/10 as you can see but rated 2/5 on the other one sorry but i really needed to give you that for letting you do it a bit faster are you making like 1000 villias or making a rpg? no offence on your work if your even WORKING on it i know you all are busy and stuff but that is more than enough time to make an rpg some people even make them in less than 6 months not five years but still the demo is good i guess pm me on why the hell you took so freaking long

well it will eventualy come out

well duh 2 reasons i think he put a tree to block path:1.its in full version 2.to piss u guys off for laughs
put stats :P and of couse its gonna take a long time it took stick arena ballistik a long time to be made and so shall stickrpg 2


That was AWSOME!!! Please hurry up with the Game. Then make a second! And Possibly a THIRD!!!!!!!