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Reviews for "Newgrounds RPG Demo"

I'm lost lol

I'm stuck in the forest and i cant finf a way to the next area i mean i find a way but when you are in the next area you are blocked by a tree can u help? otherwise good game.

NG-RPG-Team responds:

Heh, thanx for playing, that way is just the 'obvious' way (that's wrong)

Anyways, you can find the answer at our bbs, www.ngrpgbbs.tk

Aah, the right way is that you have to walk down a few steps, then right 2 steps, then up, then right again... Thanx for playing!



this game could have been so dahm cool if it was only a bit (by a bit i mean a lot) FASTER!!!!
i could put a heavy rock on the up arrow button and walk across the street to the store and get a slurpy and come back and hed be in like the middle of the screen lol sweet game for the people who are really slow and take like at a speed slower then a dahm snail

just so you know:

I logged in simply to vote for this game and make my vote worth more.I gave it a five.very well done and I can't wait until there is a newer version of this out.

Greatest game ever....well will be

Nice game I love it...there not much places to go...but it still cool CAN" WAIT TILL you FINISH


great stuff but who are you?

NG-RPG-Team responds:

I am the Sun and the Moon. the Alpha and the Omega. The Yin and the Yang. The Nut and the Bolt.

Nah jk... Just some guys with a dream and some spare time ;)