Reviews for "Never ending Battle"


oh shit, krinkels likes it, i have to like it

lol in all seriousness, great fuckin song. and for krinkels, it fits the madness style well, could be used in a madness flash


Dude this theme is awesome can i use this as my fan character's theme plz


I just wanna go on a killing spree when this plays.


How could you have created such an epic piece?


At first I was thinking this was just going to be the same as that famous music piece that everybody is familiar with, but it turned out to be something original! It helps that the original music is so good you can never go wrong with it. It does you the feeling of a never ending battle. I think the best effect might be the bells chiming. They give off the feeling off fighting near a church or a great battle at least. I also love how it really gradually goes out to fading at the very end of the song.