Reviews for "Never ending Battle"


This sounds EPIC ... :-)

Trailer Music for sho...

Once I get done working on my film, this song is going over the teaser trailer. End of story. I friggin' love what you did here.

Matrix? Final Fight????

Is that what this is? Because you made this thing sound AWESOME. Gj man keep up good work.

IlIlIlIlIl responds:

it actually could be. but the hiphop beat is from some song i heard. check out my new matrix song with a twist of hiphop instead of Drumb & Bass.


sexy track man!


Whereas I don't like the hip hop beat, great integration of it into a song like that. I totally love the beginning, and I was thinking "how is this hip hop?" If you could make the entire song without hip hop, I would download it. But you get a 10 anyway. Ehh, make that a 7 because of the repetitiveness >.<