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Reviews for "Epilogue (Piano)"


Very fitting as an epilogue. This is an excellent piece of music. Beautiful and emotionally stirring, excellent piano work and the synth strings go along smoothly. My one, very small complaint would be that the strings end too abruptly. Other than that, it's a perfect song.

SinJim responds:

Thanks for the comments! I tried to add some echo to provide a different type of fade out for the strings but maybe i brought the level of the echo down too much. I'll check into it and if that doesn't work I might just fade em out. Glad you enjoyed!



I like your style, never becoming stuck with one genre, or sound of music. Variation is key, and that's partly why I like piano pieces so much; there are so many different styles and melodies possible.
I give this a ten because it does exactly what it's supposed to do, it provides an interesting backround, (for credits, distance shots, whatever) without becoming a main point of attention.

Only one minor complaint, the synth comes in a little suddenly, and then just stops. Perhaps a little fine-tuning needed.
Good effort though!


P.S. I'm off to review some of your other stuff, maybe you could check out mine also.

SinJim responds:

Thanks for the comments Pants, I'll head over to your profile and check your stuff out! I will also look into fading in/out the synth strings as well. Thanks again!



This makes me think of a forest or beach scene in a movie.

Warm and serene.


This allows a person to express multiple feelings.

Happiness, sadness, hope...

Very moving.

Proceed, Proceed =D.

And oh yeah, the pads do end kind of abruptly, but I had to listen a second time to notice it XD.

Fading would be nice. For the pads I mean.

SinJim responds:

Thanks again for the comments here. I'm currently looking into changing them to fading out. Hopefully they aren't too abrupt at the beginning but I'll see if I can ease them in a bit. Glad you enjoyed!


breath taking!(literally)

Wow epilogues great! I almost forgot to breath it was so...so...so out of this world!

SinJim responds:

Thanks for the review!


Very well done.

The melody is perfect in my opinion, but I do agree that the string pads are a little abrupt. Still, it doesn't detract from the whole feel of the song, which, by the way, is amazing. :)

Two requests for you. I'm working through a short game series, and I'm in the process of collecting musics. Would you mind if I use this one? Also, I'm a bit of a music composer myself, and I feel like it might be cool to try re-mixing this piece of yours in my own software. Would you mind if I do it? You'd get full credit, of course - check out my latest works if you want to know my style.

Anyway, amazing work here. Top marks, fave'd, and downloaded once I find my flash drive.