Reviews for "Tit-Tazzler Infomercial"

I love Zipper Fish annimations...

You guys are halarious and i never thought it would get as far as you guys got today... wow amazing .. your work is great! Keep it up!!



Omg.. $19.95! i gave a 2 for music cuz i hate justin timberlake hahaha.. but 2 hilarious man. The host was a perv checkin on her tit-tazzled tit hahahha

jesus jucie! hehe

walrus i love you!!! funny shit man i laughed my ass off


good, good. deffinatley one of the better J.J. parodies around. If only it were real, you'd propply make millions. It was really funny too, I laughed my ass of. As I do with all your other flashes. Good work, good luck with your next flash too.


I don't think I've been THIS amused when hearing about Janet's 'falling out'! This infomercial was just TOO hilarious to be ignored! GREAT JOB! You know, if you could find someone stupid enough to buy something like that, IRL, I bet you'd make a killing. XD!