Reviews for "Tit-Tazzler Infomercial"


I loved the whole commercial idea and thoght the premmis was aabove par for such a played out topic. On the whole I will have to say the third best fake ad I have ever seen.... hold on let that sink in real quick but be aware that you could have done much better if you had not made the Michael Jakson Joke I know she is janets brother and yes I said she and i ill tell you later but now you need to know that you dont go titty titty titty pedofeliac titty titty that dose not roll with me and is a key crippling factor in this flash

Now as for MJ the original Michael jackson was a boy but he died in 1997 of cocain abuse so to avoid another steriotypic death scandal Mikey's people found some one who looked similaar to MJ and sounded "mikeish" however SHE was a prior sex offender white and the most cruscial piece of all her nose was not the same so after heavy plastic surgery michelle jackson was born and released to the world but after her failure to preform she turned to the next best thing small boys but there was aanother snag michelle had to have aa sex change operation something even she could not do without detection so she had to intoxicate the kids before having her way with them a wine and semen solution called "JESUS JUICE" quite disgusting and you show your suport for all these foul acts by showing comercial suport and trying to make it funny. but besides that I rather enjoyed it however I pretty much stoped listening ater jesus juice dont worry you can do better


Boring to death!!!!!!!!!!!

A very boring submission with no purpose in Newgrounds.

It was ok

It was a little lame though

Some interest

I thought this was interesting actually.


it was kinda funny