Reviews for "Tit-Tazzler Infomercial"


Great Stuff.. But I think there should be a YAAFM clip about the two of those mediawhores.. Now I can not see anything but that 40-something dried up has been's nipple and that retarded mickey mouse club 'tard.. shit, kill 'em and get it over with... I degress, great stuff again, keep it up..:)

So funny and fucking tru

it was very funny and acurate, i almost shit my pants and died, then the fucking jesus juice thing came up and i died some more i love all the zippershark movies and i am going to get zipper shark carved into my anus so when i take a shit i can laugh

Dont go to tha stupid outwar linkz

Dont listen to the outwar links i had to make this evieuw so i wont be in the frontpage stupid outwar crap anyways Really nice movie ! keep on rocking

great movie!!!

Where can i get mine? HAHAHA!!!


One of the better merchandise out there.
I would urge every girl/woman over the ages of 15 to buy this product! ... lol
Fuckin Genius man... Kaboom

Its a mans obligation to stick boneration in a womans openation to help the population... XD