Reviews for "Tit-Tazzler Infomercial"


all of u fucking assholes out there who are advertising neopets... just FUCKIN STOP!!!

this is a cery funny flash, it really makes u think, what if?

not bad

good idea for a flash. you have great animation skills!


It's funny though. Good job! hahaha...

Good Job

Wow what a great vid alot of cool invetions the creator had to think of. I really like seeing to micheal jackson get made fun of because hes werid. Funny video i hope to more like this.


Brought back painful memories. I had my nipple pierced before and just the needle hurt. If they were to use a clamp, I'd tell them to get the fuck away from my tit. Anyways, that was really funny. I never saw the incident with Janet and Justin, but I heard a lot about it.