Reviews for "Tit-Tazzler Infomercial"

Ah. THe tit-tazler?

Dude, what'll people come up with these days. C'mon, all this animation is, is a fake comertial about jug peircings. Not that it ain't no fun to watch. Its original and funny as shit. I liked how WHATS HIS FACE incorporated to Janet Jackson Superbowl thingy in. THat was funny!

prrty prrty gud

that was real funny and great artwork

Yea that looks safe enough. heh

Pretty funny. The sound was a lil low on the "chick"'s voice but hey it was good I thought. Good animation *as usual* and I laughed, so yea... cute!



its so cheap

I want that!!! sike love it


it was good.