Reviews for "Kill-A-Guy v. 2.0"

Needs work. Possible Flash Evolution?

Your graphics need to be improved, and you need backgrounds. Perhaps someday, this will become a Flash where you can see each version of the kill as it was in the beginning and it evolved into an award-worthy Flash.

bad man

this was bad in my poit of view sorry the jeep driving thing was hella boring but nice try i guess

hey dude sorry but i voted 1 :(

couple reasons i noticed on the little clips with people blowing themselves up and such i noticed that there bodys got bigger or smaller or there arm legnth got longer then smaller on the tree falling one the "Timer" one the blood looked really fake atleast try to make it real on the demo i could drive through the walls and lose no points 1st round 2nd round id die in one hit againt the wall just fix it up a bit more Xill~

mynamewontfitin responds:

well wudda u expect.. most of these were just doodles in school.


It's not good enough for me...
I think you should do some back ground music or something and make the blood and the vital organ look more like blood and vital organs, make explosions more explosive and bloody and in the drowning scene, you should make it a little longer so that it would look more like he is drowning and emphasize that he is drowning by making him do those asphixiating actions (holding neck, bubbles coming from mouth and nose etc.)
And thats about it.


its ah yeah im going to have to not wont people to check this out