Reviews for "Kill-A-Guy v. 2.0"

fixx yur spellii9nk

you spelled grenade wrong. a lot of things were poorly done and i dont think anyone would care to play this more than once. (I dont even this the graphics were flash -- they looked like a 3rd grader drew them)

mynamewontfitin responds:

u dont this the graphics?

you need to re programm your buttons

i found that if you go to the "remastered" of you original scenes, and you press the step back button, you end up going through to the previous one, and not only that on the colour ones u can go back to some thing where you have a One dollar bill and your enlarging it, seems weird. oh and that jeep game dont work that well either, you need to work on the colision detection

mynamewontfitin responds:

okay. Yeha the dollar thing was from the original version. i was meaning to take that out.

much better than the original

I'm still not sure why you still decided to hand-draw it but this was much better than the first. More interactive and better drawings. The driving game was cool too.

Needs work. Possible Flash Evolution?

Your graphics need to be improved, and you need backgrounds. Perhaps someday, this will become a Flash where you can see each version of the kill as it was in the beginning and it evolved into an award-worthy Flash.