Reviews for "Kill-A-Guy v. 2.0"


I think it was cool, the graphics where nice :D
Funny game that´s all.
But somehow it feels strange this game.
Keep it up and get better!!

Good job! Despite what some people say.

You put so much work into this, I wanna see poeple who think this sucks do better, am I right? It made me laugh, the sound was good, style is good, what else can I say? This is good.

What was that......

a pile of crap, or a big donkey turd?!?

That was nice hand drawings, but the animations weren't enough to keep me entertained for very long.

Ta-BEE 1.2.3
Haven't given something a 1 vote like this since tricky the clown.

bad man

this was bad in my poit of view sorry the jeep driving thing was hella boring but nice try i guess


its ah yeah im going to have to not wont people to check this out