Reviews for "Kill-A-Guy v. 2.0"

Funky little game

Now here was a funky lil game I like the animations and I love the "INTER-ACTIVITY" that makes it all work for the best, nice job on putting multple animations in here with others to follow wish there was more interactivity to make this even better, but overall a great game.

Adding even more short clips would be great and a way to have more interactivity would be pretty plus of an idea aswell.


its fine

its ok u worked really hard i can tell


i found a zooming 20$ bill u move the mouse ovver it and it gets realy big


It's not good enough for me...
I think you should do some back ground music or something and make the blood and the vital organ look more like blood and vital organs, make explosions more explosive and bloody and in the drowning scene, you should make it a little longer so that it would look more like he is drowning and emphasize that he is drowning by making him do those asphixiating actions (holding neck, bubbles coming from mouth and nose etc.)
And thats about it.

funny shit

now that was some funny shit