Reviews for "Mario's Bad Luck (VGE)"


i love this movie. make the graphics in color. i like the whole movie. the most funniest part was when he ate poop. it was funny when mario was kicking the statue. also when he got killed by a plane. so keep up the good work

Yay! Very good flash!

I just love to see VG Parodies of Mario...

Funny as hell !

Eh, this is the first time I see a Game Boy Mario Flash ! Good job, it was very funny ! And the file size was not very high also, good job on that....

And the speed of the text.... it was just perfect, I don't know how you did it, but it was something I really enjoyed. I hope to see more sprite animation from you !


just, good.

That was just GREAT!!

Man that shit was funny as hell! Good job!