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Reviews for "Pink Lemonade "15-puzzle""

Nice job!

I love puzzles! This one is an old puzzle but still fun! I checked out your site and downloaded the Pink Lemonade trailer. Finish it! I'd love to see the final product.

Keep up the good work.

touched responds:

There's a production diary on my site that shows which parts I'm working on and how much is finished. The picture I used is an as-yet unseen bit from the actual animation. ^^ So keep checking back from time to time!

it was cool man

is the special supposed to be different pictures every time u beat it or just a girl named pickle all the time?u better answer me cause i've wasted 20 mins of my life man and i want some answers

owww my brain

for all you lazy people out there
i'll spoil it for you!
because i care

the reward pic: http://clickass.org/~radish/guest/kernpickle.jpg

wow i wrote a poem

touched responds:

Not anymore. URL changed. Come on, it's supposed to be a challenge.


i gave 5s to all your artworks.
they all rule.

Well done

that was hard but fun evey thing was working to .
All in all it was a good game.