Reviews for "Redhead"

This is a nice picture, but not a great one. I guess I just don't see what would be so special about it. I'm used to seeing more attractive women in pictures. Dang, I am one big pervert. I like how she has the orange vest on with the cleavage. I was thinking the theme might have been construction work.

All of the sparks going around made me think of stuff like blowtorches. Imagine how fast it would have been finished if women had worked on it. The background with the moon is great. In fact, the background does a great job of making you wonder exactly what is going on. You're great at skies.

very epic

thats one good pik. very sexy

Mighty Fine.

Gives a great new perspective on "Fine" Art. Love it.


I like her .... body! but something is missing ...

anyway. good work!

20 men? hate to be in that room. sounds gay

...but the artwork still came out really good. frontpage too.