Reviews for "Redhead"

Good BUT

Good picture with a wide range of colors and effects and a detailed accurate.

But I have two complaints

the loose way that has left hand, perhaps a better detail of the area can solve that problem.

and neck is too long, unfortunately is an area in which these error is very noticeable size so we would recommend that have established and measures that would make comparisons to such errors do not happen.

Peace to those 20 men have done an excellent job.


does it seem like the head is a shade or two darker than the body? otherwise nice job man

Very nice

She's hot
Red head
Skinny, but not too skinny just about right :D

The neck is just a little bit long. (nothing horrible just a simple error if not intended)


Would have been my new screensaver if it didn't look like my mom, you know if she was 30 years younger. =P

Pretty cool, one thing though

The colour of her top is too close to the colour of her skin...