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Reviews for "Squirrel Squash"


that game was frigging amazing!! holy crap i love that game! mausland entertainment is just amazing mostly to think up the ideas for these game :D man i love this game! the music worked well also! the loopdy-loops were fun.. keep it up

It's Squirrelly!

Seriously, is there anything you can't do? You made a game about a superfast squirrel that collects nuts and jewelled crowns as fast as he can while running straight into the atmosphere with fireworks going off, and it was awesome! Especially the music, all your games have awesome music. You definitely have a talent for making unique games that are very playable. Mausland Entertainment rules!

kick ass!

that was kick ass and really where the hell do come up withg this suff? (music was the best *goes and downloads the song*)


Ah..ah..amazingly cool

What are you on when you come up with this stuff, anyway?

i loved it but...

i loved this game and the music is cool are there any links or were i can get it?