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Reviews for "Squirrel Squash"

Mario miked with sonic

plus a kool squirrel, very nice make a number three, the second one wasn't as good.

wow cool

this music was so awesome

An Instant Classic!

This was great! I love the music the most but the gameplay was fantasic! The squirrle is awsome! Best video game character I have ever seen! Great original concept. I like this one better that the second thought. The other did have more to it but 1) I love the fire works, fireworks is a must for a game like this! 2) There is more stargety with this version. The jump timing was harder and not only that but at some places you had to slow down inorder to grab all the crowns, You couldn't just hold the spacebar and forward arrow continuosly while running through the entire course, althought you couldn't really do that throught the 2nd version either. The second one is great (I will write a review for that one soon if I haven't already) yet it is my personal preferance more than anything else that makes me like the 1st version best. Never had I ever played a game that had both the 1st and the 2nd versions as equally great! Thanks for the fun times.


Very good game and it has Homer Simpson sounds!


i liked this oddly enough