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Reviews for "Squirrel Squash"


This is far, far too much fun, fast paced, got up to about 23 million after a few tries. Fast, frantic platform action, somewhat Sonic-esque, cracking soundtrack, another winner.

The Second one is better then this one though, but still. Loved it!


I luved that music...i actually still have the game running now so i can hear it :) I was surprised at the nurse in the loop (you and yur hentai)

That was great

that was fun and great dude i couldnt stop that squirrel was great fun and origional

its so fast

this is the most fun game on newgrounds! the music is well picked, make sure you use the spacebar, otherwise you wil never make those big jumps, never mind finish the game


w00t!!! 1401354 :)~!! this game iz so fun ^_^ hehe