Reviews for "This Is Halloween-Tech {Alix1}"


Best remix of "This is Halloween" Ive heard so far.

alix1 responds:

yay! thanks


Positively divine my dear, I've heard many remixes of this song but this is by far my favorite, the piano could have had a bigger part but nonetheless great song.

alix1 responds:

Thank you damien for the review. I tried to make the piano a bit bigger than the rest but it didnt sound quite as good, but now that i listen to it again i dont think i did very well on this song. Maybe ill delete it and make a new one.

Alix Gutierrez

Spero vos narro Latin.

dies of vetus vadum adveho denuo.


10/10 cool movie cool song and cool remix nice work

alix1 responds:

thankies for the review :)


I love it! I thought Manson was the best to ever redo this song, but idk about that anymore! You're version is pretty kickass! I love it! Great job!



alix1 responds:

koolz! yeah mansons verson of the song was awesome!
he is sooo hot!
i love you


Woah, good job dude, i like this alot

(still gona make the eletric guitar version right? =D)

alix1 responds:

yes! im definatly gonna finish it!
it is a lot of work though. i have to go through and make all the notes longer.
the guitar is WAY too choppy right now.
the guitar version will take a while longer!

thanks for the review!!!