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Reviews for "dolphin dash"


this game is freakin awesome!


This could cause epileptic fits… or at least very bad headaches!

Ohhh, seisure enducing fun.

Very fun game. But, ohhh man was I afraid of getting a seisure from the game. I feel....dizzy.



dolphin dash

It's not Frank Adventure 3 but I don't care. Wiesi is probably my favorite NG author. His games always have a profesionally done touch to them and Dolphin Dash is no different.

Being more of a Bonus stage in a game than an actual game itself, Dolphin Dash will keep you occupied for awhile. It doesn't have the gameplay as say the Frank's Adventure series by Wiesi but it a great time waster.

The game has a trippy 70's psychedelic feel to it. You control a "Lisa Frank" looking Dolphin floating through the multi-colored sky. The objective is simple; collect as many coins as you can and get the high score.

The sound is just insane. One moment you have someone shouting "Eureka", the next a woman is calling you for lunch. LOL The crazy background music loop fits in nicely with the overall trippy theme.

I just hope that it won't be that long of a wait until Wiesi submits something else. A vote of 4/5 and overall review of 7/10! Great Work!!