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Reviews for "Confidence Incarnate"


I love songs lik these... you dont have to think you can just LOVE it. it's very... omg it's just the best. it so totally rox. sorta lik my Crossfire song, but it's more relaxed.

DelboyDylan responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it. The trick is to make the layers work well together.

I had a listen to your Crossfire track, it's bouncy, I like it. :D

Not bad, not bad at all

It was a nice set of beats used in that track alone. It seems like you spent some time on this. It;s a great track for me to read a book to. Seriously.

DelboyDylan responds:

When I was actively creating these tracks I did spend quite a while trying to get it to sound exactly how I wanted it. I never managed it as I'm not really a musician, but I made sure I got as close as I possibly could.

Read a book to? O_o Fair enough, whatever floats your boat. :)