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Reviews for "Lock Casino"


So its like im back in the casono and you presented a good fun game here this does need some "SOUND/FX" and or music but for the mostpart it was not a bad little game and had all the stuff a casino would so nice efforts there, but still needs some even music.

Add some music and even sound/fx all can be found in the audio portal aswell.



Nice lock game,haven't played anything like this before,i mostly liked slots(i don't know why,i just liked)Keep up the good work LockLegion.


sound would have made it better though...


i keep asking myself where all my money that i won went... the slot machine looked nice but the way the game was manipulated was kind of eh...


Well you have infinit cash very not real then wehn you lose it all and go to a diff game you start off with 100 or 200 or somthing even if you won like 1150 on a game you start off with 200 on one or 100 on another.