Reviews for "Rose At Midnight"


for some reason, i thought of gavin from Apallo Justice : ACE ATTOURNEY


Great piece..epic


*Grabs a big-ass Sword and Annihilates a Horde of Evil Black Knights*

So-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o AWESOME!!!!

your a god!!!

this is just too awesome!!! my ears have been raped by your awesomeness!!!

OMGWTF????????!!!!!!!!! CRAZINESS IN MY HEAD!!!!!!

holy craps purplecowadoom u r a genius. thank you for telling me that rose of dawn and midnight were in sync. ive listened to it for so long just to hear how it meshes together perfectly its so ridiculous and ludicrous and all the other crous'es that it blows my mind to pieces. And no way am i forgetting the god who created this. im checking if the other songs do that. I will worship you if you do. Actually I already do so i'll just continue what im doing. LONG LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!