Reviews for "Wargames 1983"

Love extremely high body counts?

This is the game where you can achieve the highest body counts. It SEEMS to be outdated but that is to recreate the early 80's computer technology. Simple, quick and easy to play, Wargames ought to be an office winner. The secret to high scores is to knock the opposition's silos down (To a low single digit number), then turn your attention on their populated area. Realistic? No. Fun? Hell, yeah! BTW, if you are dumb enough to try something like on the movie, the Air Force isn't dumb enough to net their nukes with the internet.


this was a nice little simple game, though related to nuclear war, theres no violence which is good and music at the end is cool


I remember the film and loved it, saw it not too long ago.
This is a great little game which is about as fun as nuclear war can get and incredibly addictive. Simple to pick up and learn, but there's many different tactics that can be used. Basic graphics and sounds but that's not a problem. One of my new favourite games on Newgrounds.
The only flaw is the lack of a two player mode, with one, this would be amazing!


very good game.. =) nice style and good graphic

Good job

Never saw the movie myself but Iam glad to say that I have played this game! It totally deserved the score it got and Iam glad that this game exists because I was having a ton of fun playing as well as watching! Once again great job on this flash game!