Reviews for "Wargames 1983"


Nice game this is.Easy to win but its rather fun.


everone says that they got 1st place...but i got 1st place too...i guess the top 10 thing isnt really a top ten thing...just part of game...o well great game tho!

RobSuperSonic responds:

It takes some time for the scoreboard to update, Hey I am the only SOB that made a socreboard that WORKS ov'a NG , so please come back tommrow and see if u are still #1

More then that , thanks for the kick ass review!



Xero_Gamma, I'm #1

I got 5th place onthe scoreboard thing

I got 5th place and wrote my name as ass.... yeah


The blend of old graphics makes the game have a good feel.

*Holds hands clasped in air*

I would like to gongradulate myself on a perfect K.O. vistoyry agenst US, consisting of bouth poplation Iniallation AND silo distruction, putting ME in 1st place :)

Just had to say that!