Reviews for "Wargames 1983"

Got #1

Got the first place (Phoenix) with 1183300 easy as hell. First I targeted only enemy silos or subs until USA had just 4 silos while I had 50 then only populated cities until "USA lost!, Population annihilated".

It was Very good

It was a nicely Done game, very good & easy. But, i would never wish that destruction in the world ever, since The U.S vs USSR would be Armageddon. 7/10.


I love this. The movie is great, and if they ever make a new DVD edition, this game should be included on the "bonus features" section! God Bless the USSR!

Good Game!

I like it. It resembles the movie very well.

Also -

If USSR had launched their nukes it would be over. We would have launched ours and the entire world would have been decimated while The ones who survived the blast would die from nuclear winter. So Russia and the US decided its best not to fire at all.


I just got done watching the movie and think it makes a great game. And to Cozmo131, yes it is possible for the USSR to win.