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Reviews for "Trash's Adv.-Game DEMO"

Its okay

Pretty cool. Like biteme2514 said, the enemies, whatever they are, need to die in the air. Also, you should put some more guns in the game. And the enemies should have different deaths than just dissapearing, that's no fun. Haha, a flamethrower would be cool. But anyways, pretty good game, and I would like to see the full game to see what you have added.

Damn, can't wait for the real thing!

You know, the game ran a little slow but this is still one of the best platform games I've ever seen on Newgrounds. Totally loving the look of the beta version though. I mean, if this is only the beta version, the REAL version should be getting heaps of awards. But yeah, add more enemies, throw in a machine gun of some sort, find some catchy music to go along with the action, and make a few cool backgrounds for the levels. Just do all that and you're well on your way to having a near-permanent place on the Top 50 Of All Time. There's only one thing that kind of bugs me though. See, when the enemies die while jumping in the air, they suddenly end up on the ground and die there, instead of dying in the air like they should. Maybe you guys could do something about that. Not like it REALLY matters though. Just one guy's opinion down here. But yeah, can't wait for the real thing to come out. I mean, I just voted a 4 on this and this is only the beta. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what I'd vote if you actually finished the game. Awesome job though, TrashLock. And only 89Kb too. Impressive.

so-so so far

ok well when the enemy dies the animation is a little choppy, and when shoot an enemy somthing should happen like a flash from the bullet hitting him or maybe some green blood gushing out :/ one more little thing when you move up you cant see very far and your liable to run into an enemy so maybe you could also work that. but for now thats all. i can see its gonna be a pimpin game.




For your pro clock exploits in trash's adventure, I will say that your the only lock that I like.