Reviews for "A Guy Named Ochs"

You are a god in the making!!!

I am awe-struck by your talent, so much that I need a smoke....that was tasteful, funny and witty....you are a force to be reckonned with....and we, the members of the N.S.A. will put an end to your funniness!

Just kidding, but we ARE watching you....even now...put that issue of Hustler down, you bastard!

She's only seventeen!!!!

Learning is fun!!!

This is a great Historical piece>


that was great one of the best

Jayson Blair should have saw this.

Very enjoyable look at history.

This just put a smile on my face, and I got caught

Usually I'm seen as the stone faced girl who doesn't laugh, smile, or even speak with emphasis...in monotone... however that was temporarily
shattered by this intelligent animation. For, a person making a cartoon that is filled with information, and merging that with humor, makes it even more pleasing for me to view. Great job, I hope if you got a grade on this or extra credit, you got an A in your class.