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Reviews for "Tribute (to the Greatest Song)"


You just get a 10 for remaking my favorite song of all time.

And nice job lol

djheps responds:

Ty, glad you liked it :D


Man that was amazing! Really! I liked it!

djheps responds:

ty glad you liked it


i was just wondering did you do the piano ur self

I love this song "this is not the greatest song in the world NO this is jsut a tribute" tenaciousness D rocks!

Great remake.

I noticed you doubled up the notes a little bit and added an electric guitar a little bit earlier than normally. I love this song and how it's so diverse. However, without singing, the intro seems a little repetitive and bare. I know that's out of your control, but it just diminishes the value of the song. Maybe make a version with a voiceover?
I did like the little a Capella bridge. Really worked well, even though the merge back into the song changed in volume significantly.

Good job; 9/10, 4/5.

djheps responds:

ty lol thats the problem with these songs... i can't sing all that well so might just have to shorten it a bit :D glad you liked it