Reviews for "War is Hell"

Cool 8D

My compliments :) 5 / 5

S-Rock responds:

Thanks a lot :)

5/5 10/10

Loved it man. And the message you send with music is amazing. this is right up my alley for feelings. you keep makin beats like this, you'll be heard, more than you are now. Im down with it. i might even put some lyrics to it just to see what it'd sound like. i wont post anyhting without your ok. just curious aight man. be easy PEace!


its just awsome

reminds me WAR
if i coud i voud vote 20/20 and 10/10

S-Rock responds:

Thanks man :D tyvm!

Love it

Wait this is in dawn of madness well done mate result for u!

S-Rock responds:

Thanks :D

war is ........... your mom bo2bies

S-Rock responds:

???? !