Reviews for "Seagreen"

holy crap!

dude you win at the art portal here's your trophy ;p

The Master Rater

Well, this is the best art I've seen yet. And I've seen...(touches index fingers to each other nervously) only three. Oh well. It'd still be up there. It's so realistic. You've got everything. Perfect size for everything, the tear duct is there, you've even got the little moisture on the eyes, and the eyelashes aren't just lines. It shows that they're not well kept, but they're there. They're not just lines, they actually look like they're there. You deserve the 10. Go wow 'em with more.

Top Notch nothing wrong at all!

You are going for ultra realism.
And you got! the remark about the eyelashes....
This a photorealistic painting. When you take a picture with a macro objective.
It blurs the things closest to the objective.
So it absolutely works for me the only thing that i miss is small little vains in the white. Good Job!!!!


u r really good at drawing i would kill to draw as good as that (not really kill som1) i do agree that the eyelashes r hard to draw and should be a little thicker


I know for a fact I can do something this amazing.