Reviews for "Seagreen"


when i first saw it i was like omg!!! it looks real like a picture then i was observing it and it was a drawing very well done hope there is more art from this artist oh please send me one of these drawings to my email mariah23456@hotmail.com very well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Art!

It looks really realistic! Well Done! :D


wow,relly well done.

i don't really have anny thing much to say,except that it pops out.
also,where are the (fuck,can't remember how it's called in english.)
you know,those things that AREN't on mona lisa?
really,this eye looks like it pierces through my mind. it's minmd blowing xD!jk.
somehow,the contours of the eye remind me the ones of a baby.
the shadows are really well done,only theres something missing inside the eye pupil...you know those weird lines that ressemble grass a little?yeah.adding em' would be a good idea on ne new version. except that i have nothing more to say than this:it still needs improvement.

thats cool

its ok


I think its nice. It is drawn very good and its pleasurable to look at.