Reviews for "Seagreen"


if the eyelashes were slightly thicker id find this exceptional. the eyes a beautiful colour too :)
I find it hard doing eyelashes and such detail :(

gregaaron89 responds:

Thanks. The eyelashes are the one thing that bugs me about this picture. I did it when I was still rather noobish with photoshop so I used a soft brush on the eyelashes when I should've used a hard one... And the trick to detail is zooming way in.


you're good
you're really good

The Master Rater

Well, this is the best art I've seen yet. And I've seen...(touches index fingers to each other nervously) only three. Oh well. It'd still be up there. It's so realistic. You've got everything. Perfect size for everything, the tear duct is there, you've even got the little moisture on the eyes, and the eyelashes aren't just lines. It shows that they're not well kept, but they're there. They're not just lines, they actually look like they're there. You deserve the 10. Go wow 'em with more.

Better than a photograph

Which is what art should be. Even if its unrealistic. This of course, is. XD Nice form. Well done. :)

Thanks for scouting me.


amazing, such detail