Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 8"

this shit kicks ass like fucking hell!!!!!

jesus fucking shit, thats some fucking good shit! its fucking funny as fuck! and at that, the whole fucking series fucking owns! this one is funny as fuck and is the newest of the series. keep it coming, dave! this shit ownsss!


Dave is a genius and has no end to his talent ..try to make sense out of the magic episode #2 of happy tree friends he is a brilliant fucker!! ROCK ON

Totally Awsome

Dave my good man you have done it again in true style!! I am one of the Retard Animal Babies biggest fans and I love the series and wen i saw episode 8 I couldnt wait to see it and you didnt disappoint me one bit.

Excellent my good man tis a great series u got going keep it up!!

You gotta watch all of em!! They rule!!


too many good things to say!


dude, that was sweet. lol. I loved the part at the beginning especially, the "what is love, lady don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more" part. that cracked me up when they were bobbing their heads and turning around as if they were cool. in other words, "I call baby!"