Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 8"

I didn't like it

This may make everyone hate me, but I just didn't like the series. Your graphics are very well done, and the sound is good. But all the other essentials that give flash submissions of this nature substance are lacking. Most of you like the violence and stuff, and it doesn't really bother me, its just pointless to the point of being stupid instead of funny. I like clever movies that have planned humor instead of stuff like "here I am being retarded and getting killed... and now for something completely different." The graphics and stuff were up to par, in fact, I like the graphics, it just doesn't strike me as funny.

...you know what? Just kill me.

I can't believe these movies are so popular. They seemed geared for two crowds : five-year olds who think "poop" is a funny word, and stoners who think a bowl of jell-o is funny. personally, I think this movie blows syphilitic goat. How many times can you re-hash the same tired ideas? " I think this one will have even MORE bathroom, sex, and drugs humor! Wow, I think I need a break from all this ingenious brainstorming!" Like it says above, please, just kill me. I'd rather be dead than in a world where this trash is considered humor.


I have to agree with Madninja2500... I mean, sexual humor is great and everything, but if that's all you rely on, then it gets old fast. But I guess a lot of other people would disagree, judging by how popular your series is, so you probably don't really care that I wrote this. I mean, it doesn't take any special talent to come up with the jokes in this flash, you'd just have to walk around in a middle school or high school and you'd get all the material you need. It's just disheartening that comedy has been reduced to this. Sorry man, but I'm sure you can do better.