Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 8"

annoying as hell

it had some funny parts but i cant stand those voices. holy shit it was like someone was raping my ears. Ill take Foamy over that any day.

I just don't know

I've seen several of these, and still don't know if they're really funny or not...bizarre

Perfect Example

This is a perfect example of how many people on newgrounds are 'retarded' themselvs I cant stand this flick it dosent entertain me in the slightest bit even when im stoned out of my mind and thinking like the rest of the newgrounders. Im sorry but please stop making these its just one bad episode after the next. Dont get me wrong the animation is great but the shear stupidity of this is just... mind bogling I mean you copy Saturday Night Live in this episdoe and SNL Is another stupid show for the Christian family. Thumbs Up for Animation and overall flash usage but... BLEH For everything else.


I was actually quite suprised. The rabbit's dick was only in about 2 scenes. You are stepping up slowly. Your sick humour is definately too disugusting for my taste. I had one small chuckle, you should really step up the level of humour seeing as it only makes complete nerd morons laugh, but hey I guess you gotta keep the majority happy.


all the people who gave this a good review must be your really close sympathetic friends cause this was to too long and boring and not all that damn funny