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Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 8"

So God Damn Great!

I Love The Series! I've Watched Them All Like 3 Or 4 Times, They Keep Getting Better And Better. Glad To Know You Are Still Enjoying The Greatness Of RAB. Nothing On NewGrounds Will Ever Be Able To Compete with them. Keep Up The Great Work Man!


A good work like always.

I really love your work, Dave. You're a true talented artist and animator.

Keep up the good work.


...does it start to load but then go to a blank white screen?

Meh i know it's good anyway so you can have a 10


Talking about freaky stuff.. As a big big big fan of the RTB I was looking forward to this one.. I was even more suprised to see the "Baby don't hurt me" song in the bar.. Give me a donkey punch but isn't that from the SNL show with Jim Carrey? Freaky thing is.. I whatched that yesterday with my gf.. If it wasn't for this I would not have posted anything.. :D Keep up the super work.

Sorry to hear about your job but I can tell you I was laughing so loud that my fellow workers asked me to shut up, but when they saw the clip I had to show the entire series.


rab meets a night at the roxburry!

lol i love rab and i also love a night at the roxburry, so definate 5. Love your work, keep it up