Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 8"

It gets funnier by the episode

OHH The Great Retarded Babies you shine upon us once again! WHOHO another kickass, funnyass toon. GJ man keep it ups!


It's a shame that the job fell threw. I guess the silver lining on that dark cloud is that the series continues. Comically enough, the series returns with Cunty Cuntsgiving, which you told us not to expect in your goodbye post, lol. I must say that this episode was particularly funny. A little morbid, but the series has always been ;)
Good to see you back.


dude you make some of the best stuff out there seriously. i look up to you! i laughed soo hard watching this one


HAHAHA I think this is your best one Dave...Oh man...thats great ...and you used my favorite SNL skit...LOL at Donkey Punch...Great job.


Another good flash, Kudos to you!! I love the RAB. They're so adorable ^^ Keep it up!