Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 8"

So God Damn Great!

I Love The Series! I've Watched Them All Like 3 Or 4 Times, They Keep Getting Better And Better. Glad To Know You Are Still Enjoying The Greatness Of RAB. Nothing On NewGrounds Will Ever Be Able To Compete with them. Keep Up The Great Work Man!


I'm glad you came back

This was really good! Great job, really funny! Good plot, good animation, good jokes, good everything. But your stuff is always good! Please, make more!!

It was sick, disgusting and perverted....


Another Great Job

Good job man, thanks for all the great submissions.. They have made me laugh several times over

This is your best ever

Wow, You have no idea how glad I am you didn't get that job. I'm sorry and all that, but this is the best episode so far. I know a lot of people think this series is too over the top and disgusting but it is SO clever that they really have NO right to say anything bad about it. I don't believe I have ever seen anything as original and hilarious since the simpsons. Totally impressive. Except the lady that does the bimbo voice sucks. I would be better. You are the bestest!