Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 8"


DAVE! You did it again man! You are GOD!!


I am So glad you Kepted making them !!!!!

A+ as usual

God I love this shit. It's so funny.

I have nothing more to say. This series is a Newgrounds classic.

-- Kitty

If only I were so productive during unemployment..

fantastic, perhaps when I, too, get a job, I can then purchase something from yr site to contribute to the quality of work you turn out. Until then, however, I plan on freeloading on yr talent, hahahahahahahahacoughhack. Good to see the funniest shit on Newgrounds return.

Can I fu** Bruce Willis

I think I may have a new favorite!! I love the play on Night @ the Roxbury... Hey did you every get that Magik Hat #9 bar??