Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 8"

Pls dont stop the making the serie

I cant understand it... Each episode is better than the last one.. When u see one u think "OMG its perfect" but then u come up with one even better =)

really good

hello dave, myself and uncle would like to get in touch with you, and would like to endorse your retarded animal babies, my email is: flare fighter@hotmail.com. by the by, im not bullshitting you

lady's n gents this is how things should be done!!

totally suburb from start to finsh i really think this episode is the best

funny stuff dude.

that was a pretty funny cartoon man. just the right amount of gross. not too much not too little i really liked it. had lots of boobs too. and we all know anything is better with boobs.

Pretty good

I like watching these cartoons. They put a new spin on holidays. But, anyways, what every RAB fan came to expect: indecent exposure and crude jokes. Laughed my ass off at the Sean Connery part. Good job, more to come, I'm sure.