Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 8"

what is love

This flash actually got me into this song and it's one of my favorites now so thank you! My complaint is why is it taking so long for another one of these episodes? it cant possibly take a whole year to make one.

okay, you get

instant ten for the hadaway. havn't even finished the movie yet

Go Rab

Rab 8 is the bomb!

Th3 Int3rwebz

This was just brilliant. It is so hard to choose a favorite episode, but this is probably my fav. The Night at the Roxbury Montage was classic! Great work!

Best Episode

This has to be, the greatest episode of all of them. The gags are great, the dance sequence is brilliant and the individuality of each character is shown the most here.
Truly brilliant, favourited. Thank you for making this episode, truly.