Reviews for "Ghost Motel 7"

not that good but ok

D e b f c and demons kill humans in the physical world (I forgot what letter this was) this is the answer to the final exam.

i didnt like this game that much. at first i thought it was a movie the nit was nothing but school work

A bit long

It was good but it took a while to get to the end, the interactivity was again good but there wasnt anyuntill you got to the shops, the sound quality is now much better than the first few episodes. keep it up.

Violet-AIM responds:

It was long, but I thought it was better to have that story in one episode than to split it up.

pleasure to play!

I really like the way you have combined game-like aspects of the game with movie ones. The scene selection was an extra bonus because it meant I didnt have to do it all again becuase there were lots of puzzles to solve.
It was also lengthy and took ages to get through but it was worth it, and I enjoyed every minute of GM7. a pleasure to watch and an even bigger pelasure to play, I think this alongside with GM5 is the best one in the series. Yet again well done my friend :)

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Violet-AIM responds:

Thanks Tiger_Chick. This was a long episode, so I heard. Maybe because of the demon hunter academy part. I almost wanted to break it into 2 parts while I was making that ep.7, but then I figured that 2 halves by itself was kinda weak, that it would have a better effect if it was just one lengthy episode. I try not to make the episodes too short. Basically in each episode, I want to tell some sort of story, and if that story is told, then the episode is over. And on to the next episode. The scene selection definitely was a must for this episode. I decided at one point to just have scene selection, in case ppl had to stop and find their place again.

Not as good as 6, but still great

It seems this ep has two parts: the going from store to store part (kind of tedious and pointless) and the school part (more interesting, but still not as cool as the bar episode). I wish I could have actually done some sword fighting or target practice in the school. Anyway, still a great episode, and I can't wait to see ep 8.

By the way, I've been thinking about it, and I think maybe it actually is a ghost hotel, not a motel. In the 4 outtakes, you mentioned that it's a motel cause it's not too nice, but I think motels are, by definition, the kind of hotels without interior hallways (where the room doors are on the exterior of the building, like at a Motel 6). It's a motel because you park your car next to the room (motor-hotel). Since this isn't the case at the hotel in these games, it's a ghost hotel. It doesn't really matter considering we haven't even seen the "ghost motel" since episode 2!!!

Violet-AIM responds:

I guess you had a chance to do sword fighting in ep.8. As for now, Joseph seems to prefer fighting with a sword, rather than a gun.
Kind of funny that you should mention about "motel" and "hotel". People had not asked that for awhile it seems, though I know other person had mentioned it too. In my experience, I've heard ppl call motels "hotels", and even some motels were named hotels, so I didn't think it would matter. I think maybe also I used "motel" because the word implies more of a temporary crappy place that you really don't want to hang out in. Anyways, I agree that the structure of a motel is usually set up with the rooms being far off and separate from the check-in room. "Motor-hotel", that's a new word for me. :) Kind of late to change it now, but I probably wouldn't, for some reason, "motel" feels better to me. Oh, and you will see them return back to the motel in a future episode, won't say which one, but you'll see. I wanted to do a lot of story outside the motel first, to show what kind of world they are living in, and also that they are not just stuck in one building. To me, it would seem kind of boring for the story if they only stayed in the motel. Anyways, you made some good points there DukeOfOxford. :)

I feel like I went to school twice

This took me w whilt to get through, but it was worth it. I thought you did a really good job with the grphics the story benn really progressing. The begging was very dark, otehr than the chracters it was hard to see much else. The school was fun to go through.
Good job.

Violet-AIM responds:

I think I was inspired for the demon hunter academy by having sat through many lectures at school. Lots of info and review for viewers who don't know about the rules of the fictional ghost world. Thanks for patiently sitting thru those demon hunter classes, ramgagi. :)