Reviews for "Ghost Motel 7"

that exam pissed me off

but it had ot be done. it was still pretty good. nothibng too new in the plot but still entertaining to a point.


Its was a nice idea with exam and everything!

Kepp it up ;)

Violet and XX is so smart! =P

Great Idea !!

I like the idea of going to class,,,, and the Exam has Questions that you learn from other episodes,,,which is good,, like the diffrence between Ghost & Sperite and All the other Facts,,,, and some Questions that you have to learn in class,,,,, the Questions I didnt like were the ones asking the colure of the tools and What kind of Insturments were in class,,,, I mean,, that has nothing to do with Demon Hunting,,, Pointless,,


LOved the idea of going to class great job!!!!

That was class!

I had a topic in the general saying who likes pop music now Ive just proved my point!